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Man playing sports

The Chiropractic Advantage in Sports

Our overall health has become very important to us. Between 2001 and 2007, the n...

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New Mattress? Use The Goldilocks Rule

Should I buy a new mattress? What mattress should I buy? How much should I spend? Wh...

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Textured yellow and grey pillows on grey sheets next to a side table with a plant and lamp

Pillow Perfect: The Goldilocks Rule

Some of the most commonly asked questions I hear from patients are: What is the best...

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Man with glasses using a computer with 2 screens

Avoid Back Pain: Keep Moving at Work

It is so easy to form bad habits making hard to avoid back pain. When our day ge...

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Black and white image of an elderly man hunched over, holding his back.

Myth: Chiropractors only treat back pain

“Chiropractors only treat back pain” Why is this statement such a globally held ...

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Software developer working on a computer with a slightly hunched back also known as the Coach Potato Posture

Poor Chiropractic Habits: The Couch Potato Posture

“Sit up straight!” “Stop slouching!” “Look at your sloppy posture!” “Y...

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School Bags And Spinal Health

Australian children are facing an epidemic in the form of dangerous everyday practis...

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Chiropractic for Neck Pain

Pain in the neck? Try Chiropractic.

Are you suffering from neck pain? Did you know that your neck is made up of seven ve...

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female headache illness and chiropractic treatment

Chiropractic and Headaches

Are you suffering from severe and frequent headaches? A lot of people only associate...

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whiplash related injuries chiropractic

Chiropractic Treatment for Whiplash

Did you know that one of the most common injuries from a car crash is whiplash? ...

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